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College Chemistry Canada (C3) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the teaching of chemistry primarily at the college and university level. Click here to find out more about C3.

Thank you to everyone that participated in our 47th Annual Conference. This virtual conference was held on May 27 and 28. If you missed the event, or would like to watch any of the recorded sessions again, please visit our C3 YouTube channel.

Our 2023 Conference will be hosted by Université de Saint-Boniface, May 26 -28. You can read about this, and all the latest C3 news in our Fall 2023 Newsletter.



2023 C3 Conference. (12/13) Will be hosted by Université de Saint-Boniface
(Winnipeg, Manitoba). May 26th to 28th, 2023. Click here for the Conference flyer.

2YC3/C3 Virtual Presentation Series(12/21). 2YC3 and C3 will co-host a series of virtual chemical education presentations in the early part of 2022. Registration for all 2YC3 and C3 presentations are free. To register for any of the virtual presentations just click here.

C3 to co-host the 227th 2YC3 conference (08/21). C3 is proud to co-host the 227th 2YC3 virtual conference. The conference takes place every Friday from August 27th to October 1st and registration is FREE. The link to the conference schedule, and registration, can be found here.

Latest Newsletter. (6/21) The latest C3 Newsletter is available here. Thanks to everyone that contributed, and to Carl for his editing.

47th Conference. (6/14) was held virtually. The YouTube link to most of the recorded sessions can be accessed by clicking here. Many thanks to Carl Doige for his work in putting this channel together!

Spring Newsletter. (4/30) The deadline for the Spring Newsletter has been postponed to June 8, 2021 so that some of the conference ideas can be captured and highlighted.

C3 Newletter Available Online. (2/26) Click here for the most recent February 2020 issue.

(06/24) Photos from Victoria are now available, visit the 2019 Conference page to browse the photos.

(06/03) An article in memory of the remarkable life of Margaret-Ann Armour, can be found here.

2019 C3 Conference. (05/27) Was hosted by Camosun College.

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There were two General Student Awards presented in 2021. The recipients were Tara Dickie and Nick Roberts. The photo shows Tara with her award. You can read more about these two amazing young people in our 2021 June Newsletter.


2023 Conference

The 49th Annual Conference will be held at Université de Saint-Bonifaceon May 26th to 28th.Details on registration, the conference program and presentation abstracts will be available soon!


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