C3 Host College Student Scholarship

The C3 Host College Student Scholarship was first awarded in 1994.

Year Recipient
2022 Online Conference
2021 Online Conference
2020 No Conference
2019 Kourosh T. Pazandeh (Camosun)
2018 Marc Ang (NAIT)
2017 Max Olson (University of Toronto)
2016 Lauren Iverson (Saskatchewan Polytechnic)
2015 Paige Baker (MSVU), Chris Abraham (Dalhousie), Kaitlyn Blatt-Janmaat (SMU)
2014 Eric Venalainen (BCIT)
2013 Molly Noseworthy (Grenfell Campus), Stephanie Sooley (College of the North Atlantic)
2012 Angela Smith (Mount Royal University)
2011 Guang Quan Liu (Dawson College)
2010 Megan Perkins (TRU)
2009 Matthew Johnston (Centennial)
2008 Daiva Mitkute (NAIT)
2007 André Bilodeau (CUSB)
2006 Heidi Bench (Niagara)
2005 Not awarded
2004 Chatelle Gulevich (OUC)
2003 Terry Farquar (MRC)
2002 Claire Jackman (Douglas)
2001 Jason Behrmann (John Abbott)
2000 Karen Burkell (UCC)
1999 Kelly Parks (Loyalist)
1998 James Oikawa (MHC)
1997 Jason Parsons (SWGC)
1996 Shannon Bayak (Yukon)
1995 ? (Heritage)
1994 Michael Bremmer(BCIT)
  First Award 1994




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